About SlotForce



Because the first time you touch one of these machines, something happens, good or bad, whatever, but from that moment it will ever be a love/hate story. A way to reduce stress once in a while or just have fun, that’s how we see gambling. If you think that you get rich and you’re feeling lucky, you can try, not too hard because you’ll make someone else richer, not you.  That’s how it works, the only real winners are Casinos but sometimes you can be enough lucky to draw the right number! Roll the Dice!


With WHO

Before starting SlotForce®, we heard about some good but also bad gambling online stories and decided to create a place where we felt safe and where we could share our selection of Casinos with our visitors. We are frequently in touch with them to check updates, news or games and would report anything useful to our readers here on this website.



What the heck are you waiting for some fun! We wish you the best and remember to gamble responsively. We’re sharing a few pieces of advice there, you may find some funny but always true!