Responsible Gambling


  • Play for real if you can’t afford it
  • Sell your mother in law, wife’s jewelry or your house because it’s really not worth it
  • Stay up too late, you better honor your wife and have a good night sleep
  • Think that luck is there forever, it stops, and then you keep chasing it again and lose all your deposit, your earnings…and more
  • Smoke or drink too much while playing, not good for your health


  • Play for fun with no limit, and you get bored, stop, get a book and read
  • Play for real ONLY if you can afford it.
  • Set clear STOP spending limits and withdraw your earnings
  • Don’t overplay, same as money, set time limits
  • Always be honest with yourself. Troubles always start when lying to yourself
  • Never forget about your children, family and friends when you think you’re going too far
  • Get help if you need it, it’s worth trying (International Help lines)


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